Harmony Wellness Massage

Our Harmony Wellness Massage is a custom tailored massage to meet all of your massage needs. First, we talk to you, find out what your goals and needs are. Then, using many different modalities from relaxation and deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy sprinkled with reflexology, energy work, you name it, we provide a truly unique therapeutic wellness experience like no other!

30 min // $40

60 min // $80

90 min // $120

Headache Eraser

Our headache and migraine relief massage a custom tailored 30-minute massage designed to focus on all those pesky trigger points and tight areas that contribute to headaches. Combine skilled massage with Young Living Essential Oils that are formulated to help boost relaxation in tight muscles and increase circulation to the problem area, and you have one powerful tool up your sleeve!

30 min // $50

As an add-on // $20

Seasonal Massage

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60 min // $90

90 min // $130

Duet Massage

A relaxing massage for two: Couples, friends, and family all benefit from the therapeutic results of massage while experiencing soothing rejuvenation together in the same room.

60 min // $170

90 min // $250

Athletic Massage

Athletes will reduce injury and improve performance with a combination on deep tissues, stretching and pressure points. This massage can reduce pain, joint issues, increase flexibility, and speed up the recovery process.

30 min // $40

60 min // $80

90 min // $120

Backpack Bumps and Cell Phone Lumps

Therapeutic massage designed for children, adolescent and college age specific needs!
Our children, adolescent, and college age students all have very unique needs. From their growing bodies to the lifestyles that they lead, we have trained therapists on staff creating individualized therapeutic massage treatments based on all these varying needs and differences. Rather it be busy studying, sports, band or just growing pains, we can help!
We also offer massages for children with special needs. Please call us to discuss the specific needs of your child and how we can help!

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy, a time of joy that can put extra stress on the body. Massage during this time is gentle, nurturing and helps alleviate the discomfort of physical tension. A highly trained therapist will help balance your body and ensure your health and the health of your baby.

30 min // $40

60 min // $80

Corporate Chair Massage

Show your appreciation to your staff, surprise your friends and coworkers, whatever the reason may be, with professional chair massages! From small groups to large, we’ve got you covered!